Nets and Repeaters in our area

During our YL Net of Oct 30, 2017, the Training topic was about Nets that are available in our (the Chattanooga TN, USA) area. The list was so inclusive that serveral requested a print out. So — here it is — These are the nets as of Oct 30, 2017 — but be aware that with time some of these may change.

This listing is mainly based on information from the websites of the several Ham Clubs in our area. So with that by way of introduction —-

W4AM (Chattanooga Amateur Radio Club)Every Sunday Night at 8PM EST on the 146.790 Repeater. No Tone. This is also on Broadcastify and Echolink Node 9058. Everyone is invited whether club member or not.

Our YL NetEvery Monday night at 8 PM EST on the 444.100 repeater. No tone needed but since it is a Yaesu Fusion repeater you can add a 107.2 TSQL tone to keep the Yaesu Fusion part quiet but this is not essential. This is also on Echolink Node N9ZEN-R 68581 and AllStar Node 46331. All YLs are invited whether club member or not and whether in the area or not. If you are a YL please join us.

TAG Skywarn Net every Tuesday Night at 8 PM EST on the 146.610 Repeater Negative offset and tone of 107.2. This is a Training net for Weather events but everyone is welcome. If you have a Spotter number, please give it. Otherwise just join in. The number is not required.

Tennessee ARES net every Thursday Night (except the first Thursday night of each month) at 8 PM ESTon the 146.790 repeater. No tone.

On the first Thursday of every month this net meets at 8:30 pm. Why? because many of the folks who check in are in the Chattanooga Ham Club meeting until about 8:30 pm on the first Thursday. Everyone is invited.

There are at least 5 Ham Clubs in our area — and this is where most of the following information came from. The 4 clubs are:
  • Our Club (Chattanooga Amateur Radio Club) — we meet at the Red Cross on the 1st Thursday of every month. See the list above for the ‘nooga nets.
  • The Cleveland TN Club –They meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month except December at 7 PM EST at 560 Johnson Blvd. Cleveland TN.
  • The Dalton Georgia Club — I don’t know when they meet. Sigh.
  • The Collegedale TN Ham Club — they meet about 4 times a year.
  • The Lookout Mountain Ham Radio Club
The Cleveland Ham Club Nets are:

Bradley County Emergency Services Net (this is their Skywarn Net) at 8PM EST on 2 linked repeaters: The 146.925 with – offset and tone of 114.8 and the 147.375 with + offset and tone of 123

SlowSpeed CW Net at 7PM EST on 1st ,2nd, and 4thThursday night on HF frequency of 3.562 MHZ

Star Net (the SE Tennessee Amateur Radio Net) on the 1st, 2nd, and 4th Thursday Nights at 8:30 PM EST on the 147.180 repeater

The Collegedale Net

Meets every Thursday at 7 PM EST on 147.000 + offset and 131.8 Tone

The Dalton Club

The Dalton Club has a MEGA LIST of nets that is amazing. It includes Nets both Local and far far away from us and even many HF Nets.

To see that awesome list — HERE’S THE LINK

10 Meters HF Net

There is a 10-10 International Net (which even has a newsletter)

The 10-10 net is on 2 frequencies: 28.380 and 28.800 daily except Sunday. The Nets begin at 1800 ZULU. They say “Iisten and if you can hear us, join in”

N.B. Technicians can talk on 10 Meters but only in the frequency range of 28.300 to 28.500

This means that Techs CAN participate in the 10-10 net on the 28.380 frequency ONLY

Generals and Extras can participate in both the 28.380 and 28.800 Nets.

If you need to calculate ZULU time check out the NOAA website — HERE’S THE LINK

There is a fantastic list of ALL the Repeaters in the Chattanooga Tennessee area. This list was compiled by our very own YL Net Control N9ZEN and her OM (W4EDP).

Feel free to print out this list. You will find it very helpful because

It gives the details about the repeaters used by many of these nets as well as all the repeaters for chatting and rag chews — and it provides the offsets / tones/ locations/ and more for each repeater. HERE’S THE LINK

The Lookout Mountain Amateur Radio Club also has a lot of information about area nets and repeaters along with a lot of other information on various Ham topics. Be sure to check this website out. HERE’S THE LINK