LMARC and SouthEast Link offer a M17 reflector that is open for use by any properly licensed Amateur Radio Operator.  It is bridged into SouthEast Link and connected to all other bridges and modes that we currently bring together, just link to M17-SEL Module D.

You should find our M17-SEL reflector listed in all the popular M17 reflector lists.  You can also access the M17 reflector Dashboard here.

M17 is a new digital radio protocol in development as an alternative to those currently available, with freedom in mind. Freedom in the code, protocol, voice codecs, and hardware. The goal is to provide a better option for digital radios in the future.

Broadly, the M17 Project is an adventure in Amateur Radio, with an aim to provide an option to those in the community away from commercially available digital radio modes, which have become encumbered by proprietary hardware, software, and protocols.

The desire of the M17 Project is to provide:

  • an Open-Source community
  • freely available and modifiable digital radio protocol
  • open hardware designs

M17 welcomes everyone to join us in our little adventure, you don’t have to be an Amateur radio operator. If you are a hacker, a maker, a DIY-er, radio enthusiast, or even just someone with the desire to learn something… come join us, find more at the M17 Project Site by clicking here!

These systems are bridged into Wires-X, YSF, FCS, SRF, D-Star, NXDN, P25, Echolink, Allstar or others via SouthEast Link.