Alternate Net Control

Well, you listen to the check-ins and write down their names and call signs — just like the NC (Net Control) person is doing. You are a ‘double check’ so to speak.

When / if the Net Control misses a check in or can’t hear all that the person checking in said, then you serve / help as a back up with the information.

Finally, at the end of the net, the NC and the ANC compare their numbers of checkins. Usually they both agree. The ANC then emails or texts the list she made to the NC and that’s it.

Usually that is all the ANC has to do — but, if perchance, the radio of the NC goes kerplooie (is there such a word?) and doesn’t transmit or NC has some kind of crisis and can’t transmit, then the ANC takes over till the NC gets back on the air. What do you do while the NC is recovering? Just follow from wherever the NC was on the script.

For a copy of the NC script — send an email to YLNet@W4AM.Net and we will send you one asap.

Anyway, it is VERY unlikely that the ANC has to become the NC but with the script, you will do fine.

And not to worry — the NC will NOT pretend to go off the air just to make you become the NC.

So, with that said, think about volunteering to be the ANC this week or any week in the future. It is a BIG help to the NC to know that someone else is listening to the check-ins and conversations because, as you have noticed, sometimes the signals are weak or scratchy and it is hard to hear clearly. So the ANC is a BIG help. 4 ears are better than 2. : )