The Chattanooga Sunday Night Net


Join Jim Gifford, KM4MPF as Net Control and get in on the fun!

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2020!


This Net is an open Net and is not affiliated with any club.  All properly licensed HAMs are welcomed and encouraged to join us!  We usually have between 40 and 60 check-ins, and our goal in 2020 is to grow that to 70+!  The Chattanooga Sunday Night Net generally follows the schedule below, but at times we do move things around to accommodate something.

The Net is held every Sunday evening beginning at 2000 (8pm eastern time).

Don’t forget that you have many ways to connect with the Sunday Night Net!  As far as repeaters go, join us on the K4VCM 146.790 repeater on Signal Mtn, the N4LMC 224.560 repeater on Lookout Mountain and the N4LMC 144.920 located north of Signal Mountain.  For Echolink users, join us on Echolink Node 79190 and the Echolink Conference Server SELINK.  For Allstar users,  you can connect via the N4LMC 46145 & 46530 nodes.

We want to thank K4VCM for the 146.790 repeater & the 79190 Echolink node; W4EDP, N9ZEN and the LMARC for the 144.920 & 224.560 repeaters, the 46145 & 46530 Allstar nodes and the SELINK Echolink Conference server.

We are always looking for someone to call Trivia.  If this is you, your spouse, child, grandchild… shoot me an email and we will get you signed up!

Be sure to check out Net Controls Facebook page!

Net Schedule / Preamble

  • Welcome and Net Information
  • Call for Emergency Traffic
  • Call for General Announcements
  • Check-in
    Section 1: Mobiles, Portables, Short Time, In/Out, Echolink Stations
    Section 2: Anyone anywhere by Call Prefix (A 1st, K 2nd, N 3rd & W 4th)
    Section 3 : Late Check-Ins from Anyone, Anywhere
  • Technical Issues and/or questions
  • Swap Shop (sell, trade, buy, etc – ONLY HAM Radio related items are allowed)
  • Check-In Comments from each station
  • Jokes by the youngsters
  • Code practice
  • Slow Scan TV
  • Trivia Time (a favorite of everyone’s!)
  • Last check for late Check-Ins, Announcement reminders
  • Net Wrap-Up

You can also listen in (listen only) on Broadcastify.  Don’t forget to follow along online using NetLogger, it’s free and is available for Mac, Linux and Windows (desktops/laptops only, no tablets/phones yet)!  Hop on and follow the logging, see who’s on… and who’s not, plus join in on the conversations taking place in the “Almost Instant Messenger” (AIM) window, lot’s of interesting conversations usually taking place.  Once you have NetLogger up and running, look for “SundayNightNet org”.

For more information or for answers to any questions, send us an email.

Check out our picture gallery, we’re putting new pictures up.  If you have pictures you want to share with us, please contact Emmett Perdue (W4EDP), Jim Gifford (KM4MPF) or Terri Perdue (N9ZEN).

What We are Up To


Code Practice is on hold for the holidays, check back here in January 2020 for more information and what is coming!

It’s time for some more Code Practice!  We will be doing more Code Practice on the net, we’re sending various combinations of letters & words to help you lean.  Currently we are sending code out at 8WPM and 13WPM.  Have your pencil and paper ready, copy down what you can and send us an email to to let us know your answers.  We will review all answers as well as give correct information toward the end of the net, so stay with us and see how good you did!

We add letters and words as we progress and with each net to help  you not only learn, but to help you build up your ability to hear, decipher and copy faster as you learn!  What letters are we learning you ask?  Check back here weekly and we will keep you up to date!

  • 13 WPM code charactersTo date: KMRSUAPTLOWINJEF.0Y,VG5/Q9ZH38B?4 -> Next week‘s character (2020): TBD
  • 8 WPM code charactersTo date: KMRSUAPTLOWINJEF.0Y -> Next week‘s character (2020): TBD

Curious about Slow Scan TV?  We started in June of 2019, and will be sending a Slow Scan TV photo out via all the repeaters we are connected to.

If you ever wanted to know more about Slow Scan TV, now is your chance to get in on the fun and learn!  We play on 145.800 after the net.

It takes about 1 minute and 52 seconds to send a picture (of average size) around the world or around the block on most any radio using slow scan tv and it will be received as clearly as the picture to the left, or even better under good conditions.  Conditions and your setup can make huge differences in quality.  See the images that we’ve transmitted in our photo gallery.


73, See ya there! Jim – KM4MPF

The No Net Net, Chattanooga Edition. 

In this episode, we visit Chattanooga, located in southeastern Tennessee, famous for its rich history as a major transportation hub during the civil war and continuing right through today. Chattanooga is also known around the world for the 1940s song Chattanooga Choo Choo.

Thanks to EchoLink technology, the traveling repeater road show with Brian KB3WFV and Clark N1BCG land the No Net Net on the K4VCM 146.790 repeater and meet Lloyd NE4LH, Rob KN4KDD, and Steve KN4NSZ. This was notably one of the friendliest groups of people we’ve ever met.

Our Hosts: Lloyd NE4LH, an Amateur Extra who’s been interested in radio his whole life and a ham radio operator for over 20 years, Rob KN4KDD, a relatively new ham who enjoys operating 2M and building a variety of projects with Arduino and Raspberry Pie along with Steve, KN4NSZ who is also a new ham and just 13 years old, loves operating 2M and building his tape measure Yagi antenna.