Daily Interesting Things “he who toots not his own horn finds his own horn is not tooted”. This was a saying told to me years and years ago — when Dinosaurs roamed the earth” : ) So with that in mind — here is a link to a website that is not 100% Ham Oriented but does occasionally have Ham related things and ALWAYS has something interesting.

Be sure to check it out DAILY. Daily Interesting Things

And if you want to do some personal Bible Studies (with the answers included in the text) then check out this link: Bible Studies Net

This link gives the special words that are used for each Letter

And this link is to a very helpful short video which provides the correct pronunciation of each letter and explains why you need to use these words.

  • HAM I AM — this has oodles of very helpful information. Get it !!!
  • QRZ — this App lets you type in a Call Sign and it will give your the name of the Ham with their call, their location, their Ham Class, etc. Very helpful.

How to Get and Upgrade your Ham License. Go there and check it out but be sure to do the book learning first. Do not just use the test sites alone.

We’ve come a long long way since the first transmission of a communications signal over the airwaves. That occurred on May 24, 1844. So what led up to this? And what did the first transmission say? This link will give you those details and more.

We will add links to more things later — but this should get you started. So — To Be Continued !!!