SouthEast Link as well as some LMARC repeater systems can be joined via Amateur Wire, see below for more information on these bridges as well as other conference extensions that we offer for specific uses..

Amateur Wire is a FREE dedicated VOIP telecom service for the Ham Radio community.


We currently offer the following Amateur Wire RF Link bridge extensions:

  • Extension 90011 – SouthEast Link Bridge System
  • Extension 90012 – N4LMC 144.920 Repeater
  • Extension 90013 – W4GTA 145.350 Repeater
  • Extension 90014 – N4LMC HUB System
  • Extension 90015 – N4LMC/N4BZJ 147.135 Repeater
  • Extension 90016 – N4LMC 224.560 Repeater
  • Extension 90018 – N4LMC Frequency Agile Node

To use any LMARC based Amateur Wire RF bridge:

  1. Dial the extension from any Amateur Wire enabled phone
  2. Wait for the “Node Connected” message
  3. Press *99 to talk (PTT)
  4. Press # to unkey

For more information about Amateur Wire and / or how to join in, see their website at