Home of N4LMC, the Lookout Mountain Amateur Radio Club


We’re a very small club, we strive to provide all modes of communication to the HAMs in Chattanooga, TN, NW GA, NE AL and surrounding areas.  There are so many different bands and modes, we concentrate on the repeaters and nodes because that’s the part of the hobby that we love being involved in.  We want to bring the connected analog and digital modes to the areas around us that have not had access in the past.  Our vision is to enhance amateur radio by positioning a variety of equipment throughout the area.  We work with local enthusiasts discussing theories, communication models, types of equipment, gadgetry, and more.

Our website offers a wide variety of information.  New information and resources are being updated and/or added all the time.  Take a look at the Main Menu and just drill down through all of the choices to check out what we have to offer.

At this time we offer a wide variety of repeaters and nodes that encompass Analog as well as Digital modes.  Our repeaters run under several call signs.  N4LMC belongs to the Lookout Mountain ARC, W4GTA belongs to the Tri-States ARC, W4PL belongs to the Chattanooga Old Timers ARS & W4RRG belongs to the Rebel Repeater Group.  All of these are calls that I/we are authorized to use by those respective clubs and/or trustees.  A HUGE Thank You to all of them!

Sunday, 7 PM Eastern on the LMARC Digital Systems,  the Young Operators Digital Voice Net.

Net control will be 9 year old, Extra class Danielle, KE8JNU. This net is geared toward topics of interest for school age young people, either licensed or 3rd party with a licensed operator present.  But even though this is focused on younger operators, all are welcome to participate.  The goal is to enhance discussion of ideas while fostering the development of operating principles and techniques for young people.  Let’s help our young people get interested in our hobby, join in, contribute, Elmer them!

Join the conversation via D-STAR or DMR on one of the following:

  • N4LMC-C D-Star – 145.160 – Lookout Mountain
  • W4RRG-B D-Star – 444.725 – Signal Mountain
  • N4LMC DMR – 444.7125 – Lookout Mountain (Talkgroup 31012, Timeslot 2)
  • W4PL DMR – 444.150 – Signal Mountain (Talkgroup 31012, Timeslot 2)


Our Repeaters and Nodes

  • 144.390 – N4LMC-3 APRS Tx/Rx iGate and Digipeater.  Coverage for Chattanooga Metro area, NW GA & NE AL.
  • 144.920 – N4LMC Allstar Node 46145, Simplex and requires a 146.2 tone.  Can be linked to multiple other systems.
  • 145.160 – N4LMC D-Star C Module, IRCDDB System generally linked to XRF555A, can be linked to other systems.
  • 145.750 – W4EDP-10 RMS Gateway Digipeater.  Coverage for Chattanooga Metro area, NW GA & NE AL.  Supports GA ARES when needed.
  • 224.120 – N4LMC Allstar Node 46530, Simplex and requires a 146.2 tone.  Can be linked to multiple other systems.
  • 441.875 – N4LMC Yaesu Fusion, Analog / Digital and requires a 146.2 tone. *** OFF AIR AT THIS TIME ***
  • 442.650 – N4LMC Fusion Wires-X, linked to America Link.  Goes Analog to air the ARRL and ARN News.
  • 442.725 – W4PL Fusion Wires-X, linked to America Link, full time Digital.
  • 444.150 – W4PL DMR, Brandmeister network, US TG 3100 full time on TS1.  Code Plugs available.
  • 444.7125 – N4LMC DMR, Brandmeister network, US TG 3100 full time on TS1.  Code Plugs available.
  • 444.725 – W4RRG D-Star B Module, IRCDDB System, generally linked to XRF757A, can be linked to other systems.
  • APRS Node N4LMC-3 144.390, I-Gate Tx/Rx <-> Internet and Digipeater.
  • Echolink N4LMC-L Node 94680, Linked to the N4LMC 144.920 Allstar system on Signal Mountain.
  • Echolink N9ZEN-R Node 68581, Linked to the K4SOD 146.760 repeater on Sand Mountain.
  • Echolink W4EDP-R Node 9058, Linked to the W4GTA 145.350 repeater on Lookout Mountain.

Repeaters / Nodes that we assist in maintaining

  • 145.350 – W4GTA Yaesu Fusion, Analog / Digital and requires a 100.0 tone.  Provided by the Tri-States ARC.
  • Echolink – K4VCM-R Node 79190, Linked to the 146.790 K4VCM repeater.  Provided by Tom Morgan, K4VCM.
  • Echolink – KM4MPF-R Node 946756, Linked to the 444.700 KB4ACS repeater.  Provided by the Sequatchie County ACS.

A brief note: The key to success on the air is described by one word: Courtesy.  There’s no other way to explain how hundreds of thousands of Amateur Radio Operators can share the same radio frequencies all over the world with minimum interference and conflict.    If you keep courtesy at the front of your mind you’ll rarely have difficulty on the air.  An attentive and courteous operator is welcome on our systems!

With that said, we really want for YOU to
have fun and enjoy this hobby!